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The most effective leaders are lifelong learners. They draw from research, theory and best practice and from their accumulated knowledge develop a level of expertise and wisdom worth sharing with others. Like them we share what we have learned overtime through articles and books. We welcome our clients recommendations and through sharing can benefit many more.

Leading Change: Setting Criteria for Effective Dialogue

A skill that every leader, especially those leading significant change, must have is the ability to engage others in dialogue. 

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"Leading Thoughts"

Leadership Formation, Article for ILA-NY Times

We are in a period of radical change; a time of unimaginable progress and wondrous innovation, of possibilities and opportunities.

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Lessons for Top Leaders

The great leader understands that he or she is responsible for the entire organization and they cannot lead alone. They need a solid structure, good people, organization of work and accountability, lines of communication, ways to evaluate, recognize, and reward performance.

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The Integrated Work of the Leader©

The Integrated Work of the Leader© is a workbook focused on expanding your self-knowledge and developing your emotional intelligence.

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Creating Caring and Capable Boards

Much more than a guide, this groundbreaking book invites nonprofit boards to renew their commitment to improving the social sector through caring and competent leadership.

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