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Integrated Model of Leadership by Ki ThoughtBridge

The Integrated Model of Leadership© is an experience in which leaders learn the importance of combining a range of skills with a capacity to see themselves and others, and read a larger reality truthfully as they  work with indviduals, organizational and community systems. 

Effective leaders bring technical and adaptive skills; and engage in inner and outer work.

  • Technical Skills are those in which the problem is clear and there is a clear solution.
  • Adaptive Skills are those in which the problem is unclear and there is no clear solution.
  • Inner Work is the development of self awareness.
  • Outer Work is the manifestation of an organization’s  vision, mission, values and purpose.

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Who We Serve

Transformational Leadership Development for:


Through individual assessment, coaching and training, high level and high potential leaders are assisted in developing their adaptive skills using an integrated, transformational approach. Ki ThoughtBridge consultants can help to maximize emotional intelligence, the management of change, and conflict resolution using such tools as the Emotional and Social Compentency Inventory (ESCI), and The Thomas Kilmann Confilct Mode Inventory.

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Using our Four Phase Process, Ki ThoughtBridge begins with the presenting issues and conducts a thorough diagnostic process with key parties that consists of individual and group meetings, face-to-face interviews, and online surveys. This information is compiled, analyzed, and presented to the client with a set of recommendations as to the optimal way to proceed. The client is engaged in a discussion of the findings and the next steps are determined.

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As with every client category we begin with an assessment in the form of diagnostic  interviews, review of records, on line surveys and individual and group meetings to begin the integrated work needed. Our clients are always engaged in the process from planning to the application and institutionalization of changes. We make sure that we have the people in the room needed in order to effect the changes necessary. Communities are highly complex systems and helping leaders see it as such and know when and how to intervene to get results is our work.

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Our Leadership Perspective Blog

Practices of a Well Differentiated Leader

Katherine Tyler Scott had the honor of speaking at the on-site meeting of Indiana Wesleyan University PhD students and faculty on July 8, 2022.

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Publication & Awards

Ki ThoughtBridge has been featured in a variety of publications highlighting adaptive integrated leadership development with individuals, organizations, and communities.

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The Value to Clients

“The work that Ki ThoughtBridge did with us has had a lasting impact on our organization. As we move forward  with organizational transformation, the 100+ leaders who served on Design Teams continue to refer to the negotiation and conflict resolution tools that were introduced by Ki ThoughtBridge."

Roberta Byrum
Chief Operating Officer of the National Arthritis Foundation

The Value to Clients

“We subsequently contracted with Ki ThoughtBridge for two more sessions in 2010-2011 which were exceptional.  My Board is working very effectively, have stayed true to their public agreements and as a result, we have seen improvement across the board. In fact, our Board has received a number of accolades locally for their work the previous two years.”

Michael K. Ginalski
Superintendent of Corning-Painted Post New York School District

The Value to Clients

“I can say unequivocally that I am a 100% convert to the Ki ThoughtBridge process. I have never seen anything like it in terms of logic, practicality, and success! I am so glad we have begun this process in Webster, and even more appreciative of all of your efforts, both in our workshops and especially in our negotiations.”

WTA Treasurer and Negotiating Team Member
Webster Central School District

The Value to Clients

“You and your organization are amazing. Largely because of the process and your personal efforts, we covered ground that needed to be explored. While there was a genuine interest on both sides to reach an agreement, it was clear from the discussion and its facilitation, deeper issues needed to be addressed. Like a mid-stream course correction, this negotiation session helped assure that not only were we on track but most importantly we would not be working at cross purposes.”

Webster Central School District