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Leaders play an integral role in managing change, resolving conflict, negotiating agreements, and achieving transformation. As a leader, you are charged with getting the most out of your organization's human capital, and leveraging resources to achieve your goals. Ki ThoughtBridge works at both the individual and organizational levels, providing consulting and training to help leaders maximize the synergy between their individual abilities and the organization's potential.  The Integrated Model of Leadership© is an approach that leads to well defined-strategies, future results that increase trust and deepen commitment to desired goals.excellence.

What We Do

  • The Integrated Work of the Leader©

    The cover of The Integrated Work of the Leader workbook by Katherine Tyler ScottThe point is to become yourself…

    Great leaders hold people, organizations, and communities in trust. However, only with a high level of self-awareness can leaders engage the trust and commitment of others that is necessary to drive – and sustain – organizational excellence. Preparation for this level of leadership involves practice and discipline that enhance your self-awareness and capacity to trust.

    The Integrated Work of the Leader© workbook is focused on expanding your self-awareness and knowledge that are instrumental in improving emotional intelligence. Through a series of contemplative exercises, self assessment tools, and application of theories, this dynamic workbook will help you in discover the the inner journey that leads to being an effective leader.

    This approach reflects the significant shift that is taking place in how leadership and leadership education is understood and taught. It combines the doing and being in leadership so that the whole self of a leader in context becomes vital. Those in positions of leadership will view their responsibilities very differently when they are framed by the lens of  "holding (individuals, organizations, and communities) in trust.®" This framing of leadership evokes a depth of commitment, discipline, and practice that is atypical and challenging to traditional views of leadership.

    Understanding ourselves is a prerequisite for understanding who we are as leaders.

    This workbook is resource to be used in the pursuit of self-knowledge as leaders strive to serve institutions, community, and the larger world.

    We invite you to discover the transformational leader within through the journey of inner work.

    To inquire about or to order The Integrated Work of the Leader©, workbook call 317-822-8205

  • Strategic Relationship Management

    Are you maximizing value from your business relationships?

    The world is continuously changing. Reorganization, outsourcing, mergers, acquisitions, and alliances are the norm. Companies are working more closely with suppliers, customers, and clients. Your competitors of today are your clients of tomorrow.

    Strong relationships can present tremendous opportunities for competing effectively in the marketplace. However, when tensions and conflicts arise with strategic partners, the result can be miscommunication, missed opportunities, unrenewed contracts, litigation, or strikes.

    “How your organization develops, sustains, and learns from its strategic relationships will greatly impact its success.”

    Ki ThoughtBridge can increase your organization’s competitive advantage by helping you negotiate and collaborate with your business partners more effectively.

    Our consulting, facilitation, mediation, and customized training services will enhance your ability to understand different perceptions, communicate effectively, develop creative solutions, and increase capacity for building relationships. As a result, you will generate more value from your business relationships and improve organizational performance and productivity.

    Ki ThoughtBridge’s strategic relationship management services will help you to:
    • Understand and manage change and its effect on strategic relationships
    • Assess current organizational relationships
    • Establish a common vision for effective collaboration and transformational change
    • Integrate relationship management into strategic organizational planning and strategy


    Ki ThoughtBridge can help you develop sustainable, long-term strategic relationships for organizational success.

Professional Development Training Videos

In partnership with the University of Michigan Public Health Center, Ki ThoughtBridge has developed two training videos for individuals and organizations committed to be more effective leadership in managing change and improving constructive communication that builds trust and relationships that are productive.

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