The Integrated Work of the Leader©

Great leaders hold people, organizations, and communities in trust. However, only with a high level of self-awareness can leaders engage the trust and commitment of others that is necessary to drive – and sustain – organizational excellence. Preparation for this level of leadership involves practice and discipline that enhance your self-awareness and capacity to trust.

The Integrated Work of the Leader© is a workbook focused on expanding your self-knowledge and developing your emotional intelligence. Through exercises, self assessment tools, and theories, this dynamic workbook will help you in discovering the inner workings of yourself that will drive you to become a more effective leader.

The Integrated Work of the Leader© reflects the significant shift that has taken place in how leadership and leadership education is viewed. Those in positions of leadership view their responsibilities very differently when they are framed by a lens of "holding in trust." This kind of leadership involves a level of commitment, discipline, and practice not typically included in the traditional views on leadership.

Understanding ourselves is a prerequisite for understanding who we are as leaders.

This unique workbook is an aid in the pursuit of self-knowledge as you strive to serve family, friends, and strangers, and work to transform institutions, the community, and the world. We invite you to discover the leader within through the journey of inner work.

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Hold in Trust®

An Exercise the Integrated Work of Leadership©

Trust holding is a generative process; a continuous cycle of giving that becomes transcendent of the giver. Being held in trust shapes and forms our character, relationships, and actions. The Integrated Work of Leadership© invokes examining your particular experience of being held in trust and what it meant in your life. We now invite you to explore and contemplate what it means to "Hold in Trust®".

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