Coaching to Lead

Through individual coaching, we help clients increase and utilize their knowledge so they can improve their organizations. Ki ThoughtBridge consultants work on a one-on-one basis to develop and implement adaptive leadership skills. We provide expert advice and guidance based on deep listening and our knowledge and expertise in the field.

Leading and managing organizational change in the present age is one of the most demanding responsibilities any leader has. The degree of complexity, the type of challenges, growing diversity, and the depth and pace of change makes executive coaching essential to any organization. Credibility, authenticity, and trustworthiness are characteristics that most influence and persuade others to follow.

For leaders to get better at what they do and how they do it they will need to always engage in inner work. The deeper insights and self-awareness come from this practice but are evoked in all of the work of Ki ThoughtBridge and particularly through executive coaching. Few leaders receive the feedback required for continuous improvement and effective leadership; coaching provides this. Ki ThoughtBridge has over three decades of experience coaching and consulting organizations on transformational leadership development and change management.

What We Do

  • Program and Leadership Development

    We provide customized training that address an organization's specific issues and needs.

    Ki ThoughtBridge has developed leadership education and resources for schools, businesses, philanthropic organizations, and communities.

    Our philosophy is one that equips clients with the knowledge, tools, and skills to address their issues and needs. Our ultimate expectations and efforts are directed toward enabling them to use these resources independently with increased confidence and competence. We design customized programs and training materials that equip clients to accomplish this.

    Ki ThoughtBridge has developed statewide, community, and organizational leadership development programs. We have trained and licensed individual leaders, consultant, and institutions in the use of our materials. We have worked with clients in all across the Country and developed statewide leadership training programs in Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Indiana. We frequently offer adjunct training at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education and its  Principals Leadership Academy and the Univerity of Michigan Medical School.We have designed training and curricula for local and national organizations

  • Change Management

    Are you able to lead effectively in a climate of continuous change?

    Almost every organization today is twenty-four months away from failure if they do not change internally as quickly as the external world changes around them. Organizations must constantly assess their current position, develop a vision for the future, gain support to turn that vision into reality, and bring about innovative results.

    This capacity to successfully lead change often involves conducting negotiations, critical problem solving, and strategic relationship management with diverse parties to enable your business to thrive.

    “How you and those you lead negotiate and lead change will greatly impact your organization’s success.”

    Through coaching, consulting and customized training, Ki ThoughtBridge can help you implement your change initiatives while building trust and creating sustainable working relationships with key stakeholders. 

    Ki ThoughtBridge’s change management services will help you to:
    • Understand how change affects individuals and systems
    • Recognize the stages of change
    • Develop a plan to accomplish change
    • Acquire skills needed to deal with the gap between the current situation and the preferred state

    Ki ThoughtBridge will help you manage the process of transformational change.

  • Executive Coaching

    Ninety percent of the problems leaders face are adaptive problems requiring high emotional intelligence and social competency skills.  The higher the level of responsibility the greater the need for such skills and the more coaching can facilitate their development.

    The most effective leaders value the need for continued learning and external support in today’s complex environment. In addition to their own development, they must be able to lead their team and help them develop the self-insight, awareness, patience, and empathy necessary to successfully help others navigate the change process and achieve progress. Leadership with this understanding know that they must manage the inevitable anxiety and confusion in these systems. Their ability to see the whole and interconnectivity is vital; equal to this is the skill of integration - a skill that leads to the most effective and morally responsible responses and systems in which communication is open, direct, clear and honest.

    The most competent and trustworthy leaders realize their responsibility for acknowledging reality in all its complexity and will work to create healthy systems able to meet the needs of individuals and their organizations.

    Ki ThoughtBridge Consultants are skilled in coaching leaders in education, business, and philanthropy sectors. The Integrated Model of Leadership© provides a framework within which leaders are grounded in inner work and can balance technical and adaptive skills as they work to achieve their organization’s vision, mission and goals.

    The Executive Coaching Goals*:

    1. Increased self-awareness.
    2. Knowledge of strengths and areas that need improvement.
    3. Increased effectiveness in leading change
    4. Developed skills in problem-solving and negotiation.
    5. Capacity to inspire others to lead.

    *The ultimate goals developed are specific and unique for each person.

    The Executive Coaching Process:

    1. Diagnostics - This is the first phase of the work in which major issues are identified and prioritized. Interviews and assessments as appropriate are conducted. Ki ThoughtBridge is certified in the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) and the Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)
    2. Contract setting - Specific goals are established and agreed to. Timelines and markers of progress and t are set.
    3. Coaching Sessions - Sessions of one hour are conducted.
    4. Evaluation of progress and impact - Assessment of attainment of goals is ongoing.
    5. Next steps - Recommendations for continued work and progress are made for sustainable success and continued improvement.

A Few of Our Clients Served

Webster Central School District
Corning-Painted Post Area School District
University of Michigan
Arthritis Foundation

The Value to Clients

“You and your organization are amazing. Largely because of the process and your personal efforts, we covered ground that needed to be explored. While there was a genuine interest on both sides to reach an agreement, it was clear from the discussion and its facilitation, deeper issues needed to be addressed. Like a mid-stream course correction, this negotiation session helped assure that not only were we on track but most importantly we would not be working at cross purposes.”

Webster Central School District

The Value to Clients

“We subsequently contracted with Ki ThoughtBridge for two more sessions in 2010-2011 which were exceptional.  My Board is working very effectively, have stayed true to their public agreements and as a result, we have seen improvement across the board. In fact, our Board has received a number of accolades locally for their work the previous two years.”

Michael K. Ginalski
Superintendent of Corning-Painted Post New York School District

The Value to Clients

“The work that Ki ThoughtBridge did with us has had a lasting impact on our organization. As we move forward  with organizational transformation, the 100+ leaders who served on Design Teams continue to refer to the negotiation and conflict resolution tools that were introduced by Ki ThoughtBridge."

Roberta Byrum
Chief Operating Officer of the National Arthritis Foundation

The Value to Clients

“I can say unequivocally that I am a 100% convert to the Ki ThoughtBridge process. I have never seen anything like it in terms of logic, practicality, and success! I am so glad we have begun this process in Webster, and even more appreciative of all of your efforts, both in our workshops and especially in our negotiations.”

WTA Treasurer and Negotiating Team Member
Webster Central School District

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