Creating Caring and Capable Boards

Reclaiming the Passion for Active Trusteeship

Hold in trust the organizations you serve…

Much more than a guide, this groundbreaking book invites nonprofit boards to renew their commitment to improving the social sector through caring and competent leadership.

"This is not an ordinary book on board development.  Katherine Tyler Scott focuses her work on concepts of 'trust' in trusteeship, exploring the meaning of both 'being held in trust' and 'holding in trust.'  This book will aid organizations in probing beneath the surface of board work to build leadership based on the convergence of personal and organizational values."
- Eugene R. Tempel, Executive Director, IU Center on Philanthropy

Creating Caring & Capable Boards by Katherine Tyler ScottCreating Caring & Capable Boards: Reclaiming the Passion for Active Trusteeship offers a new vision of trustee leadership that goes far beyond administrative success and fiscal responsibility to embody caring, effective governance. Based on more than 10 years of practical experience, this book presents a new and proven model of board leadership, one that can be used to educate boards and staff in the philosophy of service.

An invaluable resource for nonprofit boards and executives!

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What Readers Are Saying

"This book captures exquisitely the heart, mind, and spirit of leadership...Creating Caring & Capable Boards will inspire anyone seeking to create meaning and value through leadership. It's a must read! 

Ronald A. Heifetz
Director, Leadership Education Project, Harvard University

What Readers Are Saying

"At the heart of Katherine Tyler Scott's work with boards of trustees is a simple but compelling principle: 'trustees' must be people who are able to 'hold in trust' the organizations they serve--if they wish to serve them well....This book will help extend the power of authentic trusteeship to the many institutions that need to grow toward fuller forms of service to the society."

Parker J. Palmer
Author, Educator, and Speaker

What Readers Are Saying

"This is a comprehensive book that should be read by anyone seriously considering service on any board."

Larraine Matusak
Senior Leadership Scholar, Burns Academy of Leadership