Ki ThoughtBridge helps you connect your internal and external resources

Ki ThoughtBridge is a company known for its integrated approach to leadership development, change management, conflict resolution, and negotiation. We provide our individual, organizational, and community clients with a range of consulting and training services, resources, tools, and skills that enable them to be effective leaders and successfully address adaptive challenges.

Leaders use a variety of technical and adaptive skills on a daily basis. However, 90% of the problems leaders face are adaptive, while the majority of the training they have received is technical. Ki ThoughtBridge helps leaders integrate their adaptive skills with their technical expertise, enabling them to effectively utilize all of their skills to increase organizational effectiveness, productivity, and profitability. In short, Ki ThoughtBridge helps leaders achieve their highest potential.

Ki ThoughtBridge helps our clients address adaptive challenges and become better leaders in four key areas:  

  • Leadership Development

    We help leaders envision a future for their organization and develop strategies to attain that future.

    Our leadership development programs and consulting services include:
    • Assessment
    • Executive Management Coaching
    • Inner Work of the Leader™
    • Program Development and Facilitation
  • Change Management

    We help our clients successfully manage both internally and externally-driven change.

    Allowing our clients to experience the smoothest transition from where they are now to where they want to be.

    Our change management services include:
    • Assessment
    • Consultation and Training
    • Strategic Planning
    • Organizational Development and Transformation

We employ an integrated approach to delivering services that relies on depth.

The deep knowledge that individuals, organizations, and communities acquire over time; the deep skill needed to uncover and leverage this knowledge; the deep relationship between an organization’s culture and its capacity to change; and the deep trust Ki ThoughtBridge builds for long lasting results.

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