Organizational Leadership Training and Consulting 

Ki ThoughtBridge has developed transformational leadership education and resources for schools, businesses, philanthropic organizations, and communities. We provide customized consulting and training to address an organization's specific challenges and needs.

Ki ThoughtBridge’s philosophy is one that equips our clients with the knowledge, tools, and skills that we have developed. Our expectations and efforts are directed toward enabling them to use these resources internally and independently. We conduct intensive experiential training workshops that equip clients to accomplish this.

We have developed statewide, community, and organizational leadership development programs. We have trained and licensed individual leaders, consultant, and institutions in the use of our materials. We have worked with clients in numerous states and were instrumental in developing statewide leadership training programs in such places as Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Indiana. We frequently are staff at existing programs such as Harvard Principals Leadership Academy and Linkage, Inc.

Ki ThoughtBridge Principals have helped to design curricula for such local and national organizations as Community Leadership Association and several statewide programs, The National Episcopal Church, and the Incourage Foundation.

A Few of Our Clients Served

Incourage Community Foundation
Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania
Kansas Health Foundation logo

The Value to Clients

“I enjoyed learning in your seminars, and always appreciated the ways in which you shared your wisdom and intellect. KI teaches you to not only be a better leader, but to strive to be a better person. I can still hear all of your voices (along with several of my own) as well as those magical bells in my head, several years after attending your seminars. That, I believe, is when you know you have made a difference and that your efforts have succeeded. It is so important to have good teachers and good role models to reflect on (our Lord being #1). I thank you and KI for making such a lasting impression and giving us a positive memory that has helped to change the future of our community.”

Phil Hartley
An Incourage, ALI Participant

The Value to Clients

“Kodak’s Corporate Real Estate Department needed to dispose of surplus real estate quickly while protecting its brand in the eyes of prospective customers. Given the community’s strong objections, a unilateral solution favoring only Kodak was out of the question.
Ki ThoughtBridge proved to be an objective and trusted intermediary by listening to everybody’s needs. The consultants’ design of a transparent, interest based process, expertise and experience in jointly training representatives of the groups involved helped bring the disparate parties together. The success of the final outcome would not have been possible without the top notch professionalism, skills, and experience of the Ki ThoughtBridge consultants.”

Bob Volpe
Director, Local Government Relations

The Value to Clients

“The work that Ki ThoughtBridge did with us has had a lasting impact on our organization. As we move forward  with organizational transformation, the 100+ leaders who served on Design Teams continue to refer to the negotiation and conflict resolution tools that were introduced by Ki ThoughtBridge."

Roberta Byrum
Chief Operating Officer of the National Arthritis Foundation