What participants are saying about Katherine's session at this year's Systemic Leadership Summit:

"The most engaging was the session with Katherine Tyler Scott - the idea of anxious systems was new to me but very relevant to my work."

"Most inspired by Katherine Tyler Scott, she put into words my own journey through life as a manager to show up every day with purpose, do inner work. Her words and experience were real, understanding the difficult moments when an organization goes through change and how to create balance and trust with the people around you. Great insights on systemic approach!"

"I really enjoyed Katherine Tyler Scott for the validation and confirmation of the personal and professional insights into leadership in complex systems."

Watch Video Presentation - Leading Highly Anxious Systems

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Many in the community of South Wood County, Wisconsin, felt devastated by the sale of its major employer and a subsequent significant loss of jobs.  The historical dependency on the paper company, its owners, their leadership and benevolence, left many reeling from these losses and feeling insecure about the community’s capacity to recover economically.  

Read the full problem, process, and summary here.

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