Listen to Katherine Tyler Scott’s speech at the International Leadership Association’s (ILA) opening plenary, “ILA: Leadership at the Nexus.” The ILA’s Twentieth Anniversary Global Conference, “Authentic Leadership for Progress, Peace and Prosperity,” was held on October 24-27, 2018 in West Palm Beach, FL.

The Ki ThoughtBridge Difference

Ki ThoughtBridge is a company noted for a unique, client-focused approach to leadership development that equips individuals, organizations and communities with the adaptive tools of change management, conflict resolution, and negotiation that enhance their skills and enable them to achieve transformative results.


Featured Case Study

Diocese of Pennsylvania


At the end of the tenure of a diocesan leader whose time in office was marked by major conflict, divisiveness and deceptions which shattered trust, and collegiality, the diocese was faced with the problem of rebuilding the relationships needed to create a healthy diocese.  

Read the full problem, process, and summary here.

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