"Beloved Economies" - A New Resource for Leaders of Change

August 16, 2022 By Katherine Tyler Scott

Beloved Economies, Transforming How We Work, co-authored by Jess Rimington and Joanna CEA, will be released on August 30, 2022. It is the product of a unique collaboration between two authors and sixty scholars and practitioners, and promises to be a resource rich reference for leaders in every sector who are responsible for leading change. It encapsulates seven research-based practices that have proven to transform individuals, organizations and communities. The inspiring stories model how leaders from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds can in creative and innovative ways contribute to a common vision, while building strong networks and relationships that are meaningful and sustainable.

To learn more about the book or purchase a copy, following this link: https://www.belovedeconomies.org/book

Beloved Economies: Transforming How We Work Book

Based on extensive research with organizations and companies that are boldly breaking out of business as usual, Beloved Economies offers readers an imagination-expanding vision of what work could be.

Authors Rimington and Cea explore possibilities for how we work, learning with more than sixty people from a wide array of enterprises. What these groups have in common is that they are generating forms of success that audaciously prioritize well-being, meaning, connection, and resilience—alongside conventional metrics like quality and financial success.

Beloved Economies offers readers seven specific practices as a springboard for changing how we work. As the book reveals, it’s not only what we do, but how we do it that can be a powerful lever to move us into economies that all of us can love. 

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