Change Management: An Adaptive Skill of Integrated Leadership

January 15, 2019 By Katherine Tyler Scott

Organizational change triggers individual transition. Transition is the psychological process all individuals go through when change occurs. Transition brings anxiety, conflict and turmoil to organizations. The leader’s ability to manage the process of transition is critical to achieving business results while retaining your best people. Building on the work of scholars like William Bridges and John Kotter, Ki ThoughtBridge equips leaders with the tools and processes needed to lead change and manage transition.  

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The Ki ThoughtBridge difference always begins with assessment:
  • Assessment: Using a combination of research, diagnostics, historical review, observations, surveys, and interviews, we conduct an assessment of client needs and readiness for change. This assessment helps you understand the past and present, in order to realistically plan for the future.We then design a process based on our client’s particular needs. The design enables the client to obtain the tools and skills needed to achieve the desired results.
  • Consultation and Training: We will develop the change management training and facilitation your organization needs. Our expertise in process consultation enables us to customize training to focus on your specific organizational situation.
  • Tools and Resources: The adaptive tools and processes used will increase organizational effectiveness, productivity, and profitability. Every organization has the innate capacity to change, grow, and excel. We help our clients recognize and use their organization's strengths to accomplish their developmental goals.