Irma Tyler-Wood

Irma Tyler-Wood, founding member of Ki ThoughtBridge

 Former Partner, Senior Associate

Ball State University, B.A in American History
Harvard Law School, J.D

Irma Tyler-Wood is a retired Principal and co-founder of Ki ThoughtBridge®, a consulting firm that specializes in leadership development, negotiation, change management and conflict resolution. Prior to founding Ki ThoughtBridge®, Ms. Tyler-Wood was a partner in CMI, the firm started by her former law Professor, Roger Fisher. While a student at Harvard Law School, she worked as a negotiation Teaching Fellow with Roger Fisher and served as the Assistant Director of the Conflict Clinic at the Harvard Negotiation Project.

Ms. Tyler-Wood consults nationally and internationally with corporate, government, and other public sector clients in negotiation training and resolving complex, high stakes disputes. She has advised and trained corporate and government clients to enable them to implement major change initiatives, resolve complex multi-party disputes, and create, enhance, and/or repair strategic business relationships.

In a decade of experience in this field, some of the organizations with which Ms. Tyler-Wood has worked include, the American Medical Association, Harvard Graduate School of Education, IBM, VMware, The American Association of Medical Society Executives, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, AT&T, Con Edison, National Arthritis Foundation, Smith College, and the Montgomery County Schools.

“Individuals and organizations waste enormous amounts of time and resources because they lack tools, skills, and processes in three key areas: negotiating differences and opportunities (such as mergers), leading and implementing change, and building and maintaining strategic relationships. We created Ki ThoughtBridge® to end this waste.

Using Ki ThoughtBridge’s considerable intellectual property, we’ve helped two organizations with very different cultures merge successfully; helped public sector and private sector organizations reach agreement on potentially contentious labor contracts; and helped a group of leaders whose task is to bring major change to their health care institutions work effectively as a team. We’ve saved our clients enormous amounts of time and money, and most importantly, we have helped them maximize the potential benefits of each deal and build the relationships necessary to implement the agreements and changes they need to achieve their goals.”