Our clients ask for assistance with a variety of challenges.

Whatever the type of challenge our clients face, Ki ThoughtBridge uses the following process to consult with them and help them design a process to achieve their goals. As a consultant, facilitator and coach, Ki ThoughtBridge can help you enhance your organizational behavior via our adaptive leadership process.

Process of Ki ThoughtBridge's Adaptive Work with Organizations

  • Diagnostics

    During the process we interview and or survey all or a cross-section of those with whom we will be working to clarify the problems and the clients’ commitment and capacity to address them. The results of this diagnostic process include: 1) A diagnostic report that is shared with and thoroughly discussed with the client, 2) Specific recommendations to the client about how to address the challenges and goals the client identified, and 3) A custom designed training, facilitation or consultation for how we would work with the client.

    • Meetings with key leaders
    • Interview and survey key stakeholders
    • Conduct organizational assessment
    • Prepare and deliver Diagnostic Report and recommendation
    • Develop or finalize contract

    Ki serves as a Consultant.

  • Design

    The information gathered in the Diagnostics is used to develop a customized plan for the work agreed to be done, the information will help to determine the content of the training. We work in collaboration with clients to develop the final design.

    • Develop skills training to address organizational issues and needs
    • Provide adaptive tools to lead changes, manage conflict, and achieve desired results
    • Provide ongoing consultation
    • Work collaboratively with the Change Team

    Ki serves as a Process Consultant to the client.

  • Delivery

    Through conducting skills workshops, trainings and retreats Ki ThoughtBridge’s uniquely integrated approach increases organizational effectiveness in managing change while also developing the adaptive capacities of organizational leadership.

    • Facilitate workshops and meetings
    • Provide executive and team coaching
    • Consult with leadership
    • Conduct evaluation of work and impact
    • Assist organization in applying skills and tools

    Ki serves as a Trainer/Facilitator.

  • Integration

    This is the vital phase and critical next steps of applying the tools and resources delivered in the training in ways that become integrated into the organization’s culture.

    • Provide recommendations for continued integration of skills and tools
    • Provide Consultation and Coaching
    • Conduct Evaluation
    • Plan for Sustainability
    • Prepare for termination

    Ki serves as a Coach.

  • Results

    Improved organizational capacity and integrated effective leadership able to address the adaptive challenges now and in the future.