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Living The Question

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Ki ThoughtBridge's unique Integrated Model of Leadership (IML) includes The Inner Work of Leadership, and is essential to the development and practice of adaptive leadership. To think we can develop effective leaders in times of significant transition and complexity without engaging them in this deeper level of work is similar to thinking a book can be read by just reviewing its table of contents. The interior life of a leader is powerful data; it influences perceptions, shapes assump...
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Process is Power in Negotiation: Don't Leave Process to Chance

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Never leave the process you use to negotiate to chance or to the person or group with whom you are negotiating.  Generally, I tell my clients to beware of any negotiation advice that begins with, “always,” or “never”.  Why then, have I begun this blog with a, “never,” statement?  The answer, the process you use determines the value you are able to create and claim at the negotiating table.  Value refers not just to dollars and other ta...
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The Adaptive Leader As Facilitator of Change

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Ki ThoughtBridge works with individuals, organizations, and entire communities teaching and equipping them to lead change in an integrated manner.  We provide a range of resources and tools that we teach others to use.  It is difficult and very rewarding work, and we are passionate about doing the best work with our clients.  Part of the challenge is that the change management process begins with a description of symptoms that are causing us discomfort and disease.  We...
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Internal Negotiations: The Key to Success in External Negotiations

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Often I begin a negotiation workshop or consulting session by asking participants to map out the people within their organizations with whom they must negotiate to do their jobs effectively.  I also ask them to map out the parties they must engage in their external negotiations, i.e., clients, customers, regulatory agencies, etc.  Then I ask, which set of negotiations are most difficult, internal or external?  Invariably, more people say that their internal negotiations are m...
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