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The team at Ki ThoughtBridge has been energizing, engaging, and educating audiences on topics of leadership, change management, conflict resolution, and negotiation for over three decades. We are presenters at a wide range of forums from classrooms to large scale conferences. From large-scale keynotes of over 1,000 people to small roundtable discussions, Ki ThoughtBridge leadership development specialists and speakers have the presentation skills, industry knowledge, and speaking experience to add value to your organization and event. 

Katherine Tyler Scott

Co-Founder and Managing Principal

Katherine is a nationally recognized leadership development practitioner, consultant, author and speaker who has written extensively on leadership, trusteeship, organizational development, and change management. 

She is the author of Creating Caring and Capable Boards: Reclaiming the Passion for Active Trusteeship, published by Jossey-Bass in 2000, and The Inner Work of the Leader: Discovering the Leader Within, published in 1999. She is the co-author of several other publications, including, Stories From the Circle: Women's Leadership in Community, published in 1991, and is a contributing author to Cutting Edge Leadership 2000, published in 2000, and Spirit at Work, edited by Jay Conger (Jossey-Bass, 1994).She is  a contributing author in The Transforming Leader, edited by Carol Pearson and published by Berrett-Koehler, 2012. 

Katherine is the former Chair of the International Leadership Association and was Conference Weaver for five years. Her recent speech  to attendees at the 2018 Conference the Conference are posted on the ILA website. She epresented ILA on the Washington Post’s Panel of Leaders a group of scholars and practitioners selected to provide comment on significant matters and issues related to leadership.

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  • Examples of Presentations


    • Women in Leadership Conference, “From Inner Work to Action: The Integrated Space of Women’s Leadership”
    • Linkage, Inc.: Women In Leadership: Negotiating Conflict
    • Harvard Graduate School of Education: Essentials for Effective Leadership: Inner Work and Adaptive Skill
    • Indiana Grantmakers Alliance: 2013 Leadership Academy - Adaptive Leadership: So What?
    • Harvard Graduate School of Education: National Institute for Urban School Leaders - The Paradoxes of Leading Change.
    • Council on Foundations: Leading Change, Facilitating Transitions 
    • International Leadership Association: Bridging The Conflict Divide: Lessons for Leaders From International and American Case Studies
    • The John E. Fetzer Institute: Transforming Philanthropy: Nurturing the Inner Life, A Dialogue and Inquiry

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